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One of Sweden's top downloaded apps in 2021

BabyNaps, the go-to mobile app for parents seeking restful sleep solutions for their infants, has been honored as one of Sweden's most downloaded apps in 2021, as reported by MacWorld.


With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, BabyNaps has become a must-have tool for parents. The app's success can be attributed to its ability to create personalized sleep schedules, track sleep patterns, and offer expert advice—all in one convenient package.

Parents love BabyNaps because:

  • Customizable sleep schedules: Tailor-made sleep schedules help parents ensure their little ones get the rest they need.
  • Sleep tracking and analytics: Effortlessly monitor and analyze your baby's sleep patterns.
  • Expert tips and advice: Expert advice to establish healthy sleep routines, navigate sleep regressions, and master calming bedtime rituals.

Being recognized as one of Sweden's top downloaded apps in 2021 is a testament to BabyNaps' effectiveness and the trust it has garnered from countless families. We are grateful to the users who have made BabyNaps their go-to app for promoting restful sleep for their little ones.

As a tech company committed to continuous improvement, we will keep enhancing BabyNaps based on user feedback and the latest sleep science. Our mission is to empower parents and caregivers with the tools they need to support their baby's healthy sleep habits and overall development.

To experience the benefits of BabyNaps, download the app from the App Store today. Stay tuned for the upcoming Android version!

For more information about BabyNaps, please visit or contact CEO Evelina Åkerberg at

About BabyNaps: At BabyNaps our mission is to help little ones sleep so parents can too. More sleep and a better routine for everyone! That’s why we’ve developed an innovative app that provides customized sleep plans and real-time sleep tracking.

Evelina Åkerberg

Evelina Åkerberg

14 June, 2023

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